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Jewelry & Beadwork Project

Women’s empowerment is achieved when women are able to provide for themselves, their families and even their communities. One of Tererai Trent International’s goals is to place resources, skills and technology into the hands of women, so they can create sustainable income streams that are dependable.

The TTI Jewelry and Beadwork Project is not only designed to provide women with an opportunity to create income, but also to enable them to become proud sponsors of their local schools, supporting the education of their children and future generations. By participating in jewelry and beadwork training, women gain new trade skills that will improve their income, support the local schools and grow the larger community.

Learn more about our flagship Jewelry project, Dream Stones…




Tererai Trent hid her dreams and a promise to give back to her community under a beautiful Zimbabwe stone, and the stone protected her dreams while she spun her brilliant future. These Dream Stones are an offering to share Dr. Trent’s vision, a precious symbol to inspire you to believe in your own dreams.

All proceeds go directly toward expanding skills and opportunities for women as well as growing educational opportunities for children in Zimbabwe.

TTI Dream Stones Jewelry, coming soon!