TTI Capital and Microfinance (Bank)

TTI Capital and Microfinance is a facility which enables women to access modest bank loans to start up small businesses, and achieve their dreams. The main mandate of TTI Capital is to engage with women – both in the Matau community and country wide – to provide them with the financing necessary to become empowered and work their way out of poverty.

Zimbabwe as a whole is a difficult place for an enterprising young individual to obtain a loan. Without business opportunities, individuals rarely grow their businesses into productive entities. This is even more difficult for young women, who are often overlooked in favor of their male counterparts, who can be seen as a more “worthy” investment. One of the primary obstacles which women, and particularly rural women, face is that they have difficulty meeting collateral security required by the banking sector.

Microfinance loans are known to be successful due to their profitability. The TTI Capital Bank leverages a position in agriculture, particularly in horticulture and poultry / egg production to provide financing for farming implements, and inputs to partners and non-partners alike.