Our Approach

The TTI Foundation believes in strong partnerships built on local sustainability and community support.  Therefore, we work directly with our local government, communities and educators to rebuild and renovate old schools, while providing quality education to rural communities. Together, we believe it is achievable. 

Matau signpostThe building of Matau Primary School could not have happened without the support of the local community. From the start, the Matau locals have shown great support and enthusiasm for the rebuilding of their school. To express appreciation for Oprah’s donation, community and school leaders, including traditional chiefs, mobilized the community to support the construction.

The community quickly rallied behind the task of brick molding, which resulted in nearly 400,000 bricks being prepared for the construction of the school. Additionally, they donated hundreds of hours of labor, carrying sand, water, and building materials to the construction site.

The construction of Matau Primary School was completed in early 2014. It supports students ranging in age from 4 to 14, with approximately a third who are considered orphans. Since this journey began, together with our partners and community involvement, we have completed a preschool center, playground, two teachers’ houses, a borehole for clean water, new latrines, hand washing station, and five new classrooms painted and equipped with locally made desks and chairs.