Donate to TTI Foundation

We believe that when we dream together, it is much more powerful. Together we can move mountains!

Your gift will provide essential educational resources to the students we serve. 

All donations are tax-deductible!

Did you know?

  • $150 provides 5 primary school girls with school supplies for one year. (Books, pens, pencils, school uniform)
  • $300 provides 5 high school girls with school supplies for one year. (Books, pens, pencils, school uniform)
  • $2,000 makes it possible for 1 student to attend college for one year. We have 15 students waiting to go to college!
  • $150,000 per year is what it takes to maintain the Matau Primary School infrastructure.

With your help, we can achieve our vision. It starts with you. It starts with us. It starts with the belief that it is achievable to end extreme poverty in rural Zimbabwe through education and economically empowering women.

Also please consider becoming a MONTHLY PARTNER.

Monthly Partners ensure a steady income for our children so that they are guaranteed fees to go to school each month as well as sustaining our ongoing projects.

We appreciate your monthly commitment! You may choose from various options below:


Donate to one of our special causes


The Matau Canteen Project

The Matau Primary School canteen and bakery is expected to feed over 1700 students daily. For many of these children, this will be their most significant meal of the day. The goal is to develop a health and nutrition program at school to improve educational outcomes. Click here to learn more!


The Solar Energy Project

Electricity is needed not only to power computers at our schools, but also for lights and other basic instruction equipment. Providing our schools with a solar energy source will allow students an expanded on-campus learning environment along with access to online learning programs.