Never has there been a more critical time for women to lift one another up, turn to one another for support, learn from one another, explore new ideas, and take a leadership role in creating a world order that stands for peace and recognizes the dignity of all people and the environment. In her new book, The Awakened Woman: Remembering & Reigniting Our Sacred Dreams, Dr. Tererai Trent has blazed a trail for women and organizations to do just this. 

     With powerful storytelling that is instructional in its wisdom and inspiring in word and example, The Awakened Woman is a life-changing guide for every woman and organization looking to explore their best self and give meaning to their life. It is both a “how-to” manual and a deeply moving memoir; as timely as it is timeless.  

Drawing on ancient wisdom practices and her own extraordinary life experience, Dr. Trent guides readers on a journey into the depths of their hearts and spirits to discover their dreams, identify the greater meaning of their lives, and tap the courage and resources necessary to make those dreams a reality.  There are two critical aspects of this process that are entirely unique to Dr. Trent’s book.  The first is the specific set tools and practices Dr. Trent shares with readers so that they are empowered to tap their own deepest wisdom.  The second, a theme woven throughout the book, is the necessity and power of cultivating a sisterhood of support in order to fulfill one’s dreams and create true change in the world.

     Harnessing the core messages of the book, Dr. Trent’s events and programming are creating a movement for individual and organizational growth and enlightenment.




The Awakened Woman events and programming offer multiple formats to address specific individual/organizational needs:

  • Sacred Sahwira Training and Certification – intensive weekend training for Sacred Sister Circle Facilitators
  • Awakened Women Retreat – intensive weekend-long session
  • Sacred Sister Conference – Coming soon! Full day Awakened Women summit
  • Sacred Sister Circles – Coming soon! Facilitated circles for women and coeds
  • Sacred Healing Circles – Coming soon! Special healing circles


All Awakened Woman events and programming are guided and facilitated by Dr. Trent as well as certified Sacred Sahwira facilitators who have trained under Dr. Trent to learn the concepts shared in The Awakened Woman*.

     All Awakened Woman programming brings a mix of indigenous wisdom rooted in sacred experience and generations of lives, modern research, and sacred rituals, enabling participants to walk the path to their sacred dreams, a path of joy and discovery as they make their way to self-fulfillment.


Topics will include:

Find Your Great Hunger

Be Your Own Storyteller

Believing in Your Dreams

Be Courageous, Not Silent

Inspiring Action and Opportunity

Cultivating Your Sahwira


While these topics provide the foundational components for all Awakened Woman programming, each session or event will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants.

Sacred Sister Circles
— A transformative platform for learning and growth