Tinogona Global Curriculum

Increasingly, we live in an interdependent and interconnected world, where it is fundamentally important to offer resources for cultural exchange to promote a greater understanding of global issues, and how they relate to outcomes behind education, cultures, gender and environmental and economic systems etc.

The TTI Foundation believes that it is not only important for African children to gain an understanding of the educational tools and systems so commonly found throughout the United States, but that it is also important to increase opportunities for American students to gain knowledge about Africa.

Therefore, the Tinogona Global Curriculum is designed with American teachers in mind, to be used within the United States school system. Connecting with students in other countries and from other cultures is important for the growth of all children.

Therefore, the establishment of the Tinogona Global Curriculum not only allows TTI to work with schools (K-12) in other countries, but also will increase our presence within the international forum.

Our global curriculum will allow schools overseas the opportunity to increase their knowledge about global issues.

The curriculum explores issues such as poverty, lack of access to education and gender inequality.

Classroom interactive lesson plans can be adapted for all ages through the Tinogona Global Curriculum.

The curriculum promotes empathy and encouraging students to think about how they might play a role in making a positive change in the world.

Tinogona Global Classroom Curriculum includes:

Tinogona DVD with videos for each lesson plan.


Printed full-color bound curriculum with lesson plans and instructional guide.

Lesson plans will include engaging videos, interactive activities, group projects, writing exercises, data analysis, awareness building and community service.


Reproducible handouts.

The Tinogona Global Classroom Curriculum will be ready for purchase in Fall 2015.