Awakened Woman

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In this lesson, you will receive the teachings and tools needed to:

  • Get in tune with the deep hunger that lies within you
  • Unlock what breaks your heart
  • Align your passion to a greater purpose
  • Begin to create a road map to a future you desire

Lesson 1: What Breaks Your Heart?

“When I met Maria Shriver, I asked her, ‘Maria, what breaks your heart?’ Maria stared at me for a bit, knowing this was a big question to be asked. It was not a question for her mind to answer. This was one for her heart and soul”.

In Lesson 1: Unlocking What Breaks Your Heart, you’ll gain the skills and the strength to help you answer this simple but profound question. I’ll give you practical tools for tending to your precious heart so you will be ready to remove obstacles and see a clear path forward — toward happiness, fulfillment, and true joy.

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In this lesson, you will receive the teachings and tools needed to:

  • Create space for new dreams and a new life narrative
  • Understand the effects of soul wounds
  • Find ways to heal from pain and fears

Lesson 2: Healing Your Soul Wounds

“I can see my great-grandmother … born into this relay-race of poverty. She’s running with the baton of poverty, of early marriage, of illiteracy. She runs so fast, and she hands this ugly baton to my grandmother. My grandmother grabs the baton of poverty, of early marriage, of illiteracy. She runs so fast, and she hands the baton to my mother. My mother grabs the baton. She runs so fast, and then she hands it to me.

“I say to my mother, ‘I never wanted that ugly baton. It was never part of my race.’

“Dear sister, what baton are you carrying and passing to the next generation?”

In Lesson 2: Healing Your Soul Wounds, I offer you tools to gently and lovingly uncover the soul wounds that keep you from achieving your dreams. I’ll help you heal the painful wounds that also have the potential to stifle other women for generations to come.

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In this lesson, you will receive the teachings and tools needed to:

  • Reflect on the power of your voice and how you can reclaim it
  • Understand how to use your voice to heal yourself and other
  • Learn sacred rituals to awaken your voice and inspire storytelling

Lesson 3: Reclaiming Your Voice

“More often than not, we end up with narratives that others have created and shared about us. Reclaiming our voice not only helps to define who we are but gives us the strength to right the wrongs of our past.”

In the lesson, Reclaiming Your Voice, I will help you realize the inherent power that comes from telling your unique story in your unique voice. I believe when we write and share our own narratives, we tap into a deep, inner strength which helps us to heal past wounds and step into a bold new future.

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