Lesson 2 Healing Your Soul Wounds

Introductory video about Lesson 2

with Dr. Tererai Trent

Below you will find the videos, audio files, transcripts, for all four parts of Lesson 2. You will also find an inspirational and guided audio recording by Tererai and the lesson’s application activity.
Follow along with Tererai and ignite your dreams by healing your soul wounds.

Lesson 2 Part 1 Audio

In part 1 [6:46], Dr. Trent describes how the lesson is organized, reviews lesson outcomes, explains the three different formats content is delivered in, shares how to complete the lesson’s application activity, recommends ways to utilize the Coaches’ Corner tips, and discusses when to access the lesson’s guided and inspirational audio recording.

Lesson 2 Part 1 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 2 Part 2 Audio

In part 2 [14:51], Dr. Trent talks about soul wounds, their impact on our lives and dreams, and on our soul wisdom.

Lesson 2 Part 2 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 2 Part 3 Audio

In part 3 [8:53], Dr. Trent introduces you to Nikita and her story. This part of the lesson illustrates what is meant by soul wounds, and guides you through a process that will allow you to consider the wounds you carry. These first three steps to healing your soul wounds are explored in the lesson’s Application Activity.

Lesson 2 Part 3 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 1 Part 4 Audio

In part 4 [11:02], Dr. Trent shares another case example of a group of women who gathered in Santa Fe, NM to learn from her teachings on healing soul wounds. This part of the lesson highlights four sacred actions, which include daily rituals to help you heal your soul wounds. The fourth and fifth steps found in the lesson’s Application Activity are also discussed.

Lesson 1 Part 4 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 2 Outcomes

In this lesson, you will receive the teachings and tools needed to:

  1. Create space for new dreams and a new life narrative
  2. Understand the effects of soul wounds
  3. Find ways to heal from pain and fears

Lesson 2: Transcript for Guided and Inspirational Audio Recording [pdf]

Application Activity

Lesson 2: Application Activity Download [pdf]