Lesson 3: Reclaiming Your voice

Introductory video about Lesson 3

with Dr. Tererai Trent

Below you will find the videos, audio files, transcripts, for all four parts of Lesson 3. You will also find an inspirational and guided audio recording by Tererai and the lesson’s application activity.
Follow along with Tererai and ignite your dreams by reclaiming your voice.

Lesson 3 Part 1 Audio

In part 1 [5:25], Dr. Trent describes how the lesson is organized, reviews lesson outcomes, explains the three different formats content is delivered in, shares how to complete the lesson’s application activity, recommends ways to utilize the coaches’ corner tips, and discusses when to access the lesson’s guided and inspirational audio recording.

Lesson 3 Part 1 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 3 Part 2 Audio

In part 2 [9:49], Dr. Trent talks about reasons for our silencing and how storytelling can help us achieve our dreams.

Lesson 3 Part 2 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 3 Part 3 Audio

In part 3 [13:24], Dr. Trent introduces you to grandmother’s story. In doing so, she uses her own family’s story to inspire you to become the heroine of your own story. Steps 2 and 3 of the Lesson’s Application Activity are also explored.

Audio Player

Lesson 3 Part 3 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 3 Part 4 Audio

In part 4 [9:16], Dr. Trent shares the benefits from listening to the stories of others helps you continue the journey to unleash and reclaim your voice. The fourth and fifth steps found in the Lesson’s Application Activity are also discussed.

Lesson 3 Part 4 Transcript [pdf]

Lesson 3 Outcomes

In this lesson, you will receive the teachings and tools needed to:

  1. Reflect on the power of your voice and how you can reclaim it
  2. Understand how to use your voice to heal yourself and others
  3. Learn sacred rituals to awaken your voice and inspire storytelling

Application Activity

Lesson 3: Application Activity Download [pdf]