Our mission is to lead the development and growth of an improved education system supported by socially engaged business models that boost local economies while improving community livelihoods.



Our Projects are aligned to our strategic goals, which include Improving Education Quality, Gender Parity in Education, Innovation and Technology, and Health and Nutrition.



Founded by Dr. Tererai Trent, who overcame gender inequality in her own education, and was chosen by Oprah Winfrey as her “all-time favorite guest,” TTI succeeds because of the passionate commitment of an international team.



Children Educated


Of Students are Girls

Sent to College

Partner Schools

Boreholes Drilled

Help us raise $300,000 to send 22 Students to College and support one Primary School

We invite you to join the Campaign and be part of the Baton Bearer Champions raising $300,000.00 USD to send 22 students (70% girls) to college/University, and support one rural primary school. This is our forth cohort of students heading to college/university. As a Baton Bearer Champion we ask you to make a one-time donation toward their tuition fees.

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Gold Champion


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Equal Opportunity & Quality Education for All

Self-Sustaining Communities

Individual & Community Empowerment

Financial & Organizational Excellence

Creating Infrastructure and Systems


Education and the Road to Change in Africa

Education and the Road to Change in Africa

by Tererai Trent,  a blog produced for CCN-Africa voices Eight-year-old Tineyi takes my hand and leads me into her mud-thatched hut in my home village of Matau in rural Zimbabwe. There, in a dark corner of the room, is a wooden bookshelf. Carefully crafted by her...

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The Garden of My Heart

The Garden of My Heart

Summer is here, and I keep thinking about Matau in Zimbabwe, where my roots are firmly grounded. Nearly two years ago, Oprah gave me an incredible gift to help the children in my home village blossom into educated and inspirational adults. Today, we are nearing a...

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Making Oprah’s Gifts Count

Making Oprah’s Gifts Count

I’ll never forget when Oprah Winfrey turned to me and said, “We are going to build a school!”  This was my second time on her show, and Oprah had just named me her “all-time favorite guest” in 25 years of the show.  As if that wasn’t enough, she had just informed me...

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