Malnutrition, lack of clean water and poor sanitation are some of the leading causes of scholastic underachievement among rural children. Unfortunately many students attend school hungry and rely on water from unprotected wells and rivers. The TTI Foundation is developing a much needed School Nutrition program, by constructing a school canteen and installing clean water sources, so that educational outcomes and livelihoods are improved.

School Nutrition Program

The TTI Foundation’s school breakfast and lunch program is part of an integrated response to end child hunger and under nutrition among school children. We work with each school to establish a school garden that supplies the school canteen with fresh vegetables. The school vegetable garden is irrigated by water from reliable water well. Local small-scale farmers provide corn and other produce in support of the nutrition program.


Matau Primary School Canteen Project

One of TTI Foundation’s current projects is to construct a canteen and bakery for Matau Primary School. The canteen is expected to feed over 1700 students daily. For many of these children, this will be their most significant meal of the day. The children walk long distances of between 8 and 11 km. The tiring journey to school coupled by the poor nutrition provided at home can affect the children’s academic performance. It’s a known fact that children who experience hunger at school are more likely to drop out of school early and or repeat grades. TTI Foundation wants to see a health and nutrition intervention delivered through the education system to improve educational outcomes.

The Rotary Club of Salinas has already generously donated $64,000 to furnish the canteen, but if we fail to raise the money needed to build the structure, we may end up losing the furnishings money. Time is of the essence here. Please consider to join us on this journey to access good nutrition for all, and donate today!

Our present fundraising goal is to raise US $350,000 to construct the building for the Matau Primary School Canteen. The projected estimation of the total cost of this new canteen construction and equipment-outfitting project is $465,000:

  • $64,000 Kitchen Equipment—pledged (contingent on match)
  • $21,000 Donations from Zimbabwe & USA Individuals (received)
  • $30,000 Construction Bricks (committed)
  • $350,000 is the approximate outstanding balance

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You can help us build a school cafeteria!

3-D design provided by our partner
Kurebraseka Architecture

Please consider one of these levels of support:

  • LEGACY Support: $25,000-beyond
  • PLATINUM Support: $10,000-$24,999
  • GOLD Support: $5,000-$9,999
  • SILVER Support: $2,000-$4,999
  • BRONZE Support: $600-$1,999


Any donation amount is appreciated! 

In exchange for any donation of the support levels above, your name will be included on a prominent wall on the canteen, as well as on our website list of funders.

The Matau Sun Bakery Project

The Matau Sun Bakery is a commercial solar oven designed for large-scale feeding situations that require baking great volumes of bread quickly. The Sun Bakery is capable of saving over 150 tons of wood annually which results in the reduction of tons of CO2 green house gas emissions as well as the cutting of firewood for energy.

While the Matau Sun Bakery is intended to run as a for-profit bakery out of the Matau Primary School Canteen, however, some of the bakery products will feed of 1,700 students each day. Once the bread is produced using the sun’s energy, it is immediately fed to the school children during breakfast and lunch. This is a much needed service for the many school children that walk up to several kilometers each way, generally on empty stomachs and generally after doing their morning chores, to attend school.

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Matau Sun Bakery ~ Solar Oven