Join Dr. Trent and her Sacred Sahwira Sisters in a daylong conference of keynote and interactive sessions based on the principles found in The Awakened Woman. Participants will join other like-minded women in experiencing the stories, rituals and exercises that will guide them in uncovering their dreams and visions and then, based on these discoveries and revelations, help participants in writing/creating their own plan for the future.   


Powerful speakers and skilled facilitators who will focus on:

  • The Power of Femininity—A Collective and Electric Energy
    • Cultivating Your Sahwira—Collective Sisterhood
    • The Power of our Sensuality—Your Body’s Knowing
  • The Power of Un-silencing One’s Voice
    • Reclaim and Own Your Voice—The Voice That Heals Communities and Nations
  • Ancient and Sacred Rituals as well as mindfulness techniques that will facilitate:
    • Understanding and feeding your Great Hunger
    • Acknowledging and healing soul wounds
    • Recognizing and recording your dreams
    • Visualizing, redesigning and moving toward the life you are meant to have

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— an intensive week long session