Water & Sanitation

Access to safe and clean water is a basic human need, and yet most of rural African school children drink from unprotected wells and rivers. Studies have indicated that 80% of ailments in most developing countries originate from water-borne diseases because of lack of access to clean water supplies. Access to clean water also frees children from walking long distances carrying heavy containers, and allows them extra time to spend on their studies.

Clean Water

Together with the local governments and our partner, Save the Children, we have installed a borehole (well) for clean water, new latrines, and a hand washing station to improve Matau primary school sanitation. The vision is to provide water storage tanks at each school. The tanks hold approximately 5,000 liters of clean and safe drinking water for both the school and the community.


TTI Foundation promotes proper school sanitation by building toilets at each school. With funding from Oprah Winfrey, two blocks of toilets with 20 squat holes (2 toilet blocks with 10 squat holes in each) were constructed at the Matau Primary School.